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Our state of the art FIT3D body scanner will give you the ultimate measurment tool required to jumpstart your journey and stay ahead of the game.

About FIT3D

The Fit3D is a tool used by professionals and athletes alike. This tool can measure health and wellness metrics and create a perfect 3D image of your body within 1/10 of an inch. Thats pretty spot on!

Perfect Measurements


Hands on measuring is a thing of the past, they typically vary from expert to expert, so you never know what your true measurements are. Our Smart AI, FIT3D Body Scanner will get it right everytime the first time!

Industry Standard


FIT3D has become the new standard in gym assessment technology. Our 3D Body Scanner is being used for the onboarding of new members to help create personalized focused workouts for targeted areas of your body. Learn more at

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