Tim Before and After

Owner, Tim Viechec was going about life, working and providing for his family, with no time to focus on his own health and fitness. One summer during a family vacation, he decided to kayak with his kids and grandkids. Once he got out into the middle of the lake, he had excruciating hip pain. There was no way he could get back to shore on his own.  His son and son-in-law had to help him get back safety.

This event forced Tim to look in the mirror. When he did, he no longer saw himself...he saw his father. His father, who at age 59, had his first heart attack and underwent a quadruple bypass. Tim was 57, just shy of this landmark age. He knew he needed to make a change. He wanted to be able to be active with his kids and grandkids. He also wanted to have more energy in his day to day life, but how?

Enter, Nick Silletto. Tim sought out help with stretching and mobility from Nick initially, which evolved into Tim hiring Nick on as a personal trainer. As someone who had not exercised in years, Tim was overweight and not very flexible. Nick knew exactly how to help him. He would train with him 3 nights a week, initially working on his mobility, then adding in weights and working on his nutrition in order to help Tim get to his NEXT LEVEL. At the beginning of this journey, Tim could barely do a squat. In a few short months, with the help and guidance of Nick, Tim was able to do several deep squats, no longer suffering from mobility restrictions and excruciating hip pain. Not only that, but he had completely transformed his body from an out of shape and overweight 57 year old into a healthier, more flexible, more energetic, “buff Grandpa.” 

Does this sound like you? Are there things you wish you could do, or know you can’t do due to lack of mobility or pain? Do you want ...To have more energy?  ...To lead a more active life?  ...To do the activities you enjoy without pain?  ...To play with your kids or grandkids?  Don’t wait, come see us NOW to get to your NEXT LEVEL! 

Client Testimonials

gerry's STORY

"It's a great place to work out, all new equipment and they offer lots of classes, also an awesome staff."

I have been doing personal training with Andrew and it has really helped me.

Kathy's STORY

"I’ve been working out with Nick for the past six weeks and can’t believe how much stronger I am, how much more flexibility I have, and how many inches I have lost already!"

Looking to improve your strength and flexibility? Don’t know how to start? This is the place for you! Next Level Mobility can build a program for you that allows you to succeed in your goals, provides expert coaching, all while making you feel like you are a member of the family. Whether you are a novice or have been working out for years, give Next Level a try. You will not be disappointed.


Cheryl's Story

"In just a few sessions, I feel stronger and am able to do movements I haven’t been able to do in years…"

I’ve been working out with personal trainer Natalie and loving it. It’s a wonderful feeling! I just started with her class and loved it too. 💪

Palmer's Story

"I was so intimidated going to the gym and getting back into shape really was becoming a priority. I found these guys, decided to give it a try and honestly, I couldn't be happier. In just 4 weeks I lost 6 inches off my waist."

This is the most amazing gym around. This place has made my life so much better. The positive attitudes, the cheering you on, the personal interactions you get to have really set them apart from any other gym. Nick is my personal trainer, and I can't believe how excellent he is at his job! He really takes the time to help guide you into achieving your goals whatever they may be. I LOVE NEXT LEVEL MOBILITY PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT!!!!

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